Relationships in Brazil

by | Oct 11, 2010


    1. The most important objective for a person doing business in Brazil is to build relationships, and above all, relationships with the right people. It is frequently more important who you know than what you know.
    2. Brazilians favor relationships over money. (“It is more important to have friends than money”), Brazilians are taught to do business with friends. Once he has decided to go into business, a Brazilian business man wants to learn about you.
    3. When a Brazilian decides to go into business he first wants to learn more about you. The question he or she will ask might seem nosy but they are genuinely interested in you.
    4.Friends know intimate things about each other.
    5. Brag about your kids and spouses achievements, never complain about family. Family is very important and any show of disloyalty to them will make Brazilians question your loyalty as a friend or business colleague, don’t forget to ask about their family and remember what they say.
    6.The business person should be prepared to invest the time and effort necessary to cultivate relationships. Building trust is a time consuming process but it is vital and it can be a pleasant experience depending on your attitude.
    7. In Brazil the legal system usually doesn’t offer a satisfactory solution to disputes so the Brazilian business man wants to know that he is dealing with a person of integrity. Having a personal relationship makes it more likely that differences will be solved amicably, and less likely that someone would take advantage. Brazilians go to great lengths to structure their business relationships to protect themselves from having to seek redress in court.
    8. Communication by fax, phone or email is okay. A practical rule is never fax when you can call and never call when you can go and make a personal visit.

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