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German Lessons

German Classes in Houston Are Currently Available!
Be Bilingual offers conversational German classes in Houston in the form of private lessons, as well as corporate group classes. Be Bilingual also offers an Accent Reduction course for individuals interested in improving their German pronunciation.

Be Bilingual’s German language class in Houston cater to individuals, as well as those in the corporate setting. Each session runs at least 90-minutes in length. Students may schedule as often as they wish, though we recommend at least two 90-minute sessions per week to maximize retention.

Individual Lessons

Our native-speaking teachers create conversational lessons customized to meet your individual needs and learning pace.

We offer a flexible and personalized schedule: set your own class schedule and frequency (we recommend at least two 90-minute sessions per week to maximize retention).

Courses can be held online or our instructors can work with you in your home or at your office for a small trip fee.

Immersion Program

Be Bilingual offers language immersion courses to students wishing to increase their level of proficiency. Students explore the depth of conversational skills through an intense schedule, allowing them to establish fluency and preparing them to communicate more effectively in business, travel, or when relocating to a new country. Be Bilingual customizes our immersion course and program to the student´s personal needs and at their learning pace, so every experience is unique. Our immersion training engages the spoken word at least 50% of the time, increases a student’s cultural knowledge and awareness, and may include an optional lunch with the instructor.

Corporate Lessons

Be Bilingual has been providing Corporate language classes since 1989. Classes can be held onsite for convenience, with course content focusing on conversation and customized vocabulary most used in your particular industry sector.

Want to learn more about?

So, why should you learn the German language?

Studying a foreign language will prepare you to become a competitive job candidate in the current job market. German, in particular, can provide the edge to your career advancement.

German also is a key business language in the European Union and in the rapidly growing markets of Central and Eastern Europe. The world has gotten smaller, and fluency in a second language is a must for individuals looking for a career in international business. Germany has the largest economy in the European Union (EU), is one of the major players on the global business stage today, and the fifth largest trading partner of the United States. Germany’s gross domestic product is the world’s third largest.

More than 750 major U.S companies are doing business in Germany and over 1100 German companies do business in the U.S., and their presence continues to grow, including many dynamic companies here in the Houston area. Germany is home to numerous international corporations, and direct investment in the United States by Germany is over ten billion dollars. German technology is sought after more than ever and many of those major German technology companies have set up shop right here in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area.


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