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Houston Spanish School

Spanish Lessons

We have created a conversational method that allows you to engage in dialogue from the first class. Our teachers are native speakers who customize each language lesson according to interests and/or professional area : medical, IT, engineering, etc

Choose from individual lessons, small group, online or preferred location. Decide your schedule and length of study commitment, whether one hour or the Immersion program of 6 hours, 5 days a week.

Individual Lessons

Be Bilingual offers one-on-one instruction customized to the student’s specific needs and schedule. Our conversational method focuses on speaking Spanish from the beginning, working at your own pace, and preparing you to build up fluency and effectively communicate in Spanish.

Be Bilingual instructors will tailor the vocabulary needed for your occupation or specific goals (traveling, volunteering, medical, sales, etc.).

Our individual lessons are customized for you and your level of proficiency. If you have previous language knowledge, we will conduct a short oral evaluation (online or in person) to determine your current skill level. As a result, you will be placed in one of our levels of instruction, ranging from Basic to Advanced.

Semi Private Lessons

Be Bilingual offers the same customized and personalized instruction in a semi private setting, two people taking a lesson together and sharing the cost of an individual lesson. Students must be at the same level of proficiency (if they have previous knowledge) and must coordinate their schedule. Courses can be held online or our instructors can work with you in your home or at your office for a small trip fee.

Immersion Program

Be Bilingual designed the Immersion program for students wishing to increase their level of proficiency in Spanish. With our Be Bilingual Method©, students explore the depth of conversational skills through an intense schedule allowing them to establish fluency, and preparing them to communicate more effectively in
business, travel or when relocating to a new country.

Corporate Lessons

Be Bilingual has been offering Spanish lessons for corporate employees and instructors for workplace training since 1989. We are proud to help companies in the Houston area increase their business opportunities. Our corporate lesson packages include individual or group lessons tailored to your company’s specific needs and interests . Instruction proceeds at the class’s rate of learning. We offer flexible scheduling and lesson options.

Classes take place on-site at the company.

The Be Bilingual Spanish Method

Learn Spanish at your own pace

Learn the words and phrases that you need job-specific, conversational, or technical lingo. Skip the concepts you already know and spend more time on the ones you really need. And because Be Bilingual’s lessons are private, you can even customize the meeting place. Instead of meeting online or at our office, we can come out to your home or workplace for a small trip fee.

We offer a flexible and personalized schedule: You set your own class schedule and frequency (we recommend at least two 90-minute sessions per week to maximize retention).


Highly Qualified Native-Speaking Spanish Instructors

Be Bilingual’s language instructors are hand-picked by the company’s owner. They all have at least a 4-year college degree and are native speakers of the language they teach.

Learn and converse with others in GROUP LESSONS

Build strong grammar and vocabulary skills using Be Bilingual’s copyrighted materials. Spend approximately 50% of each 90-minute lesson speaking in Spanish. Practice at home using a digital workbook and MP3 audio materials.

Progress at your own pace in a private class

Benefit from a customized lesson plan tailored to meet your needs. Skip the concepts you already know and spend more time on the skills you really need. Acquire the words and phrases that you need in job-specific, conversational, or technical lingo.

Take lessons where it’s most convenient for you

Online, at our Houston office, in your office or home (for a small trip fee).

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