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Be Bilingual Language School has been continuously serving students since 1989. We offer private language lessons in Houston, in-person, online, and corporate group classes in Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, and Italian.
Along with our conversational method, we provide personalized instruction, resources, and expert instructors to develop the language proficiency you want to achieve.




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Be Bilingual combines relevant content with a proven method and highly qualified instructors to deliver practical lessons. We create a learning solution centered around you, personalized and adjusted to your learning pace.

With our conversational method, you communicate naturally, just as you would in your native language, feeling confident to apply your skills in real-life situations. Our proven learning method is effective for beginners and students with previous knowledge looking to improve their language skills.

Valuable Partners

Preferred Corporate Provider

We became the preferred language school provider for 5 major oil companies in Houston during the 1990s. Due to the high demand for individualized language instruction and our extremely high standards for instructors, Be Bilingual continues successfully to teach language skills to students of all levels and walks of life.


We are trusted by our clients

I can probably speak for the rest of the group in saying we enjoyed the course and very much liked Giannella’s teaching style. Please pass on our thanks and compliments to her. We all got on well which made learning more fun.


K loves taking the Zoom Spanish classes with Gaby. Could we add 10 more hours? She will go beyond the 10 hours, but I figure it’s best to pay in 10 hour increments especially when school starts.
Thank you,


Hi Elizabeth,
The ladies presentations were wonderful! I can tell they have learned a lot and working very hard. The ladies, have said Rebecca is a fantastic instructor.
Thank you,


I have really enjoyed and learned from my 18 months of study with Be Bilingual. Thanks to you and yourgreat staff of teachers, I will continue to recommend Be Bilingual as I often meet people expressing interest in studying Spanish.
Muchas Gracias



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