Houston Portuguese School

Portuguese Lessons

Be Bilingual offers conversational Portuguese classes in Houston. We offer private lessons for individuals, as well as classes held at your company’s location.

Be Bilingual’s Portuguese language lessons and classes in Houston cater to individuals, as well as those in the corporate setting. Each session runs at least 90-minutes in length. Students may schedule as often as they wish, though we recommend at least two 90-minute sessions per week to maximize retention.

Individual Lessons

Our native-speaking teachers create conversational lessons customized to meet your individual needs and learning pace.

We offer a flexible and personalized schedule: set your own class schedule and frequency (we recommend at least two 90-minute sessions per week to maximize retention).

Courses can be held online or our instructors can work with you in your home or at your office for a small trip fee.

Immersion Program

Be Bilingual offers language immersion courses to students wishing to increase their level of proficiency. Students explore the depth of conversational skills through an intense schedule, allowing them to establish fluency and preparing them to communicate more effectively in business, travel, or when relocating to a new country. Be Bilingual customizes our immersion course and program to the student´s personal needs and at their learning pace, so every experience is unique. Our immersion training engages the spoken word at least 50% of the time, increases a student’s cultural knowledge and awareness, and may include an optional lunch with the instructor.

Corporate Lessons

Be Bilingual has been providing Corporate language classes since 1989. Classes can be held onsite for convenience, with course content focusing on conversation and customized vocabulary most used in your particular industry sector.

Want to learn more about?

So, why should you learn the Portuguese language?

Brazil, with its rapidly expanding economy, is the giant of South America. Brazil covers one half the area of South America, and is the second industrial power of the Americas. Next to Spanish and English, Portuguese is a major language of the American continent. According to UNESCO, the Portuguese language has the highest growth potential as an international language due to expansion in Africa and South America.

Fluency in Portuguese gives professionals an advantage when negotiating with the many expanding Brazilian companies located in the Houston area, as well as those located throughout Latin America. Brazil has the second biggest industrial sector in the Americas, with industries such as automobile, steel, petrochemicals, computers, aircraft and consumer durables. Petrobras, the largest company in Latin America by market capitalization and revenue, is a Brazilian multinational energy company. Petrobras is the third largest company in the Americas and the sixth largest in the world, and has a presence in 29 countries. With major offices located in Houston, Tx, Petrobras America is an international business unit of Petrobras Brazil.


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