Double Benefit

by | Oct 7, 2020

“Sorry, no habla español” if this is what you say when you meet interesting people or interact with new clients, then you are missing a lot.
Knowing a second language, specifically Spanish here in America, multiplies exponentially your opportunities to enjoy the world, enriches your life and expands your business relationships. Furthermore, it improves your communication skills in your own language.
When you learn a second language your brain performs a double job: as it gets new information, like a computer, it immediately checks previous references, validates and identifies how this information relates to your own language. As a result, when you learn a new skill in Spanish, you are improving your English grammar and writing skills at the same time, automatically.
Now, repeat this process many times as you start from the basics of a new language and build up vocabulary and proficiency. The time invested will yield benefits while you learn and afterwards, and you will see positive results in your language skills, your brain function and your communication.

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