5 Reasons Why You Must Constantly Learn

by | May 8, 2015

How many times you had the feeling that you are lost with a new subject at work? If you are like most people, probably many times… But don’t worry! This is really common in our days because we live in a very dynamic environment, with a lot of new information to handle every day and staying up to date is a real challenge. The hard truth is that if you want to grow as person, in your society and in your job, you have to constantly keep learning new things.
But, why exactly? 1. To perform, perform and perform: you can only succeed at what you are doing if you have the right knowledge to do so. Today’s society is so well educated that you really need to be a “Superman” or “Superwoman” if you want to succeed.
If you are not a top performer there will be someone in the next corner really well prepared to do your job, and willing to do it. Then, simply learn how to be the best.

  1. To get out of your comfort zone: Experience shows that the most successful people are those who constantly go out of their comfort. These people welcome new challenges, new risks, and constantly discover new subjects, becoming this a daily practice in their lives. In other words, people succeed when they put themselves beyond their current limits. But the only way to get out of the comfort zone is by knowing what is beyond. You will be so scared to put a foot out if you don’t know what you are going to find there. First of all learn what is out there and then go for it!
  2. To have a longer and healthier life: believe it or not, but different demography studies performed all around the world show that keeping an active mental activity is one of the key factors to have a longer and better live. It is proven that diseases like Alzheimer, Parkinson or memory loss tend to appear less in people who stay mentally active. Be aware that staying active does not mean simply doing word searches (which are fun J). It means taking real mental challenges. A great example might be to learn a new language.
  3. To improve your personal relationships: this point is really simple to explain. When you have broader knowledge about more subjects, you can really connect with different people concerned by those subjects. This, automatically, will enrich your relationships. Imagine for a moment that you take a course on personal motivation which puts you in plenty of real situations applicable with your friends and family. Can you imagine how your relationships will improve as soon as you start giving them good tips which help them to be more motivated?
  4. To feel good: there is no better feeling than knowing interesting things. Imagine yourself travelling to a place where you acknowledge what is around: you know the history of the place, the important people who lived there, the meaning of a monument,… surely this will make you and the people around you feel great.

It is now really evident that you have to learn new things to be happy and to feel complete as a person. So, just go for it! There are plenty of opportunities out there. But bear in mind something: once you start doing this, you will become an addict to it.

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