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It is National Foreign Language Week!
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Did you know that there is a week dedicated to the promotion of learning a foreign language and to bring awareness to its importance? It certainly is happening now, the second week of this month: National Foreign Language Week.
This celebration started in 1957, endorsed by then President Eisenhower, and has been honored every year with multiple activities from different schools and organizations.

The theme this year is “Celebrate humanity through language” which is exactly what we do here everyday at Be Bilingual. We consider that to learn a new language it is important to understand the culture and customs of that community, showing respect and appreciation for their contribution. We do this by connecting with our students beyond language instruction, with the inside knowledge and experience that our native speaker instructors bring to the classroom.

Houston is the nation’s most diverse large city (according to Wallet Hub’s diversity studies series) , a composite of people speaking more than 145 languages, among them Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, French, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu and many European, African and Asian languages. This means that for you, our Houston students, the opportunities to practice and to learn though real life situations are literally at your front door. It is an enormous advantage if we consider that just by going to the store, walking the dog or being outside, there are many chances to engage in conversation and actually immerse yourself in the language you are studying.

This opportunity is a challenge as well, a challenge to go out and venture to mingle and to cross those virtual walls that sometimes keep us from appreciating what is different. However, you can do that with the help of your instructor, who can guide you on proper greetings and how to address people or start and hold a formal or informal conversation. Your instructor can also help you understand the background and history behind the cultural celebrations in the community and acknowledge them from an inside point of view.

So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of those opportunities and come to Be Bilingual to study the language of your preference, rest assured that you will get more than language instruction, you will get a holistic appreciation of people and culture with us.