Why English is Important for a person to prosper in life?

by | Feb 16, 2015

The English language is a very important language that everyone should master to prosper in life. It is also an International language that is commonly used.
I believe that every individual should have keen interest to study English as it can help them to achieve a lot of things in their lives. As a student, I took great interest to master this language. I learnt a lot and now I can see great improvements in me. I can interact better now with all my friends and also my teachers. Most of them told me that I can speak fluently now.
The English language is also essential in order for me to obtain a stable and good job in the future. By having great knowledge in English, I believe that I would be able to sustain well in a company. I am proud of myself because knowing that I am not an American citizen, I could speak English very well because from the beginning, I was very determined and I also had great desire to study.
My personal advice to all out there, please master this language in order to prosper to greatest heights, you will not regret it. Acquire and perceive English, only then life will be wonderful, beautiful, meaningful, joyful and colorful. –

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