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Our language school has been continuously and successfully serving students since 1989, first in Houston, (where we became the preferred language school provider for 5 major oil companies during the 1990s) later expanding nationally through our remote services.
Since the first day, under the direction of Elizabeth Thrush Alatorre, Be Bilingual has been providing excellent education, individualized service, flexible scheduling, and competitive prices.
During these many years, we have proudly served more than 17K students, including employees from Corporations in the Oil and Gas industry, Human Resources, Medical field, and IT, customizing our lessons to their needs and making them available online, at residences, or office locations. We have been providing on-site group classes for Spanish-speaking workers at manufacturing companies as well.
What makes us special? Our proprietary methodology: it applies a conversational approach based on listening and speaking, emphasizing practical vocabulary and grammar in the context of real-life situations. We supplement the study with relevant and authentic materials. We offer:

  • Conversation from the first day: Based on the principle of learning by speaking, our students start answering questions and asking them from the first day, engaging in a dialogue with their instructor, and talking about what is relevant to them.
  • Personalized and customized instruction: We don’t fit our students in a “same for all” course: we customize the content according to expressed goals: conversational, business, technical, job/field-specific (traveling, volunteering, medical, sales, etc.).
  • Relevant content and real-life context: We introduce the language through real-life and office/ business conversation, engaging the student’s own experiences and interests to create a meaningful and relevant message and reproduce the language on their own terms. What is learned this way is never forgotten.
  • Confidence to speak: We provide our students with the opportunity to speak freely, (not waiting to put together a perfect structure in their mind before talking), focusing on the message and learning from mistakes. This builds up confidence and maintains motivation, which is crucial to improve and using the language beyond the classroom.
  • Clear expectations: Learning is a process that involves time and effort. Nobody can expect to speak a new language fluently in just 10 hours, but when learning is based on conversation from the beginning, we can see and measure progress objectively. Most importantly this progression follows the student’s own pace, not that of a group.
  • Flexible and personalized schedule: We offer lessons programmed according to the student’s availability, as preferred during the week. When needed, (upcoming trips, vacations, meetings, etc.) our students can reschedule and/or coordinate changes with their instructors, including location (in person, virtual, at home, in your office, etc.).
  • Native speaker educators: Our native speaker teachers are college graduates with many years of experience teaching and guiding students to achieve their goals effectively in the classroom and online. In addition, our instructors pass rigorous training before qualifying to teach at Be Bilingual.

For all the reasons above and the foundation of 35 years of successful experience teaching adults and professionals, we can confidently and proudly offer our students the most personalized and effective method to learn Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Italian as well as English and Accent reduction.
We have multiple options to accommodate our student’s busy schedules, from individual, semi-private, and immersion lessons (in person and online) to onsite corporate lessons in Houston. As we start a new year, come study with us!