Be Bilingual is extending its services!

by | Oct 12, 2023

We are starting the last trimester of 2023, and with it, we are glad to incorporate some exciting opportunities for our Spanish students.

After listening attentively to our student’s needs, we can propose new fantastic ways to actively learn Spanish, with multiple possibilities to keep them interested besides a traditional lesson.

Starting now, our intermediate and advanced Spanish students can select sessions covering several topics of interest to continue learning the language while enjoying a productive conversation.

We have a broad selection of subjects to choose from when enrolling in our conversational sessions: philosophy, art, history, Mexican and Latin American culture, psychology, and many more. Our professional teachers, also scholars with deep knowledge of these subjects, have specially prepared these sessions with the student’s interests in mind.

In each class, our teachers tailor the lesson content to navigate the new vocabulary and grammatical input, providing their students with relevant information while interchanging ideas and opinions.

Due to the specific content of these classes, participants must have an intermediate level of Spanish, be able to express their opinions by speaking in present and past tense, and actively participate in the conversational dynamic of these classes. They are not academic lectures but active conversations.

Additionally, considering children and teens -a significant number of Spanish learners in town- we can now offer them interesting, engaging, and personalized online lessons. We have classes for children starting their learning journey with Spanish, along with lessons for students currently taking Spanish at school who require extra practice or exam preparation.

All these new options extend our services beyond our well-regarded Spanish, English, Italian, German, and Portuguese conversational courses directed to the adult professional, in person (at our office or on-site) and online.

Take a look at our new specials and inquire about the most convenient lessons for you or your children!

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