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Come to our classrooms to learn with us!
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If you have always preferred to step in a classroom to learn and interact in person, now you can do it again with us.
As always, Be Bilingual is focused on offering you options to meet your learning needs. Our students have their preferences when it comes to learning settings and we have listened. Now you can come to our office for private lessons, join a small group to learn together in a classroom, have the teacher go to your office or home, or continue learning online with our experienced instructors. We can offer you two convenient locations, very close to The Galleria and Memorial City.
Both locations allow you to schedule your lessons around your work hours, in addition to learning online, at your office or at home.
Take a look at the options we have for you to learn with us:
In person at our office: meet your instructor in person for private one-on-one lessons at our office, conveniently located at 950 Echo Lane , St. 200 , in the Memorial area.
In person – small group at our office: join other professionals motivated to join Spanish with our conversational method and materials. We offer small groups (5 and 10 professionals) meeting at lunchtime, right after work, or Saturday mornings at our office located at 7660 Woodway Dr. Suite 460 in the Galleria area.

In person – children- small group at our office: enroll your children 8 and up to learn Spanish in a very small group of 5 students separated by age ( 8 to 12 and 13to 18) meeting at our office in the Galleria area three mornings a week during the summer.
In person at your own place: meet your instructor at the comfort of your home or at your office.
Online lessons: meet your instructor online at your convenience, learning at your own pace and location, even when traveling or while having lunch.


7660 Woodway Dr. Suite 460
Houston, TX 77063
(one block from San Felipe St. and S. Voss Rd.)
In partnership with Tutorville


Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, Italian

950 Echo Lane , St. 200
Houston, TX 77024

(st w blocks to and 610 Loop)

As you can see, you have plenty of options to learn a second (or third) language with Be Bilingual, with our proven conversational method. You can schedule your online or in person private lessons to learn Spanish, English, Portuguese, German or Italian, or come to our classroom to study Spanish in a very small group setting, the perfect environment to start speaking the language from the first day.
Please check for details about pricing and dates and for upcoming workshops.