How the Brain Benefits from Being Bilingual

by | Feb 11, 2014


How the Brain Benefits from Being Bilingual
Being bilingual definitely has its benefits when it comes to jobs. Most employers are willing to pay you a higher salary for being fluent in two or more languages, but this isn’t the only perk. Your brain also benefits from bilingualism. Believe it or not, being bilingual makes you smarter and greatly improves your cognitive skills.
Along with excellent puzzle skills, some of the other benefits from being bilingual include improved memory, improved decision making skills, better multitasking skills and a better focus on tasks. These benefits alone make it worth your while to learn another language or more. As you can imagine, for children the benefits are even greater; they’ll have higher test schools in school and do really well in math. Although your child may not like learning a new language, they’re sure to be more appreciative once they get older and start making the big bucks.
Now that you know some of the brain benefits from being bilingual, it’s time to get smarter. It’s never too late to learn a new language. Are you bilingual?
How the Brain Benefits from Being Bilingual – Infographic | Beverly Hills Lingual Institute

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