ABOUT BE BILINGUAL: Be Bilingual has provided foreign language instruction and cultural literacy to individuals and corporations since 1989 using our own teaching methodology.

LOCATION: Be Bilingual is centrally located in Houston, Texas.

Address: 9055 Gaylord Drive, Suite 100, Houston, TX 77024

Website: bebilingual.com

Phone: 713.789.6338

FOREIGN LANGUAGE INSTRUCTION: Be Bilingual prepares students through one-on-one instruction customized to the students’ specific business or personal needs and schedule. While Be Bilingual has a niche in helping to prepare business professionals to communicate with their corporate partners and employees, we also provide individual, private instruction for ages 8 and up.

INSTRUCTORS: All Be Bilingual instructors are native speakers who pass a rigorous grammar exam before qualifying to be trained in Be Bilingual’s exclusive method.

IMMERSION: Be Bilingual designed the Immersion program for students wishing to increase their level of proficiency in English or Spanish. Our Immersion program is a week of intensive language classes. Students can opt for either a full day schedule, 6 hours per day/30 hours per week, or a half day schedule, 4 hours per day/20 hours per week. Students explore the depth of conversational skills through an intense schedule allowing them to establish fluency, and preparing them to communicate more effectively in business, travel or when relocating to a new country. Be Bilingual requires Immersion students to be at an advanced-beginner (or higher) level of fluency to be considered for the Immersion program. Be Bilingual customizes our immersion program to the student’s personal needs and at their learning pace, so every experience is unique. Our immersion training engages the spoken word at least 50% of the time, increases a student’s cultural knowledge and awareness, and can include an optional lunch with the instructor.

ACCENT REDUCTION: Be Bilingual offers an Accent Reduction program for students interested in perfecting their English. Our Accent Reduction program teaches students how speech is produced, and how to isolate speech patterns that require improvement. Thus, students learn to listen in a new way, enabling them to become self-teachers. So, long after the course ends, the learning continues. As with all Be Bilingual programs, instructors tailor our Accent Reduction course to the students’ needs. Initially, the instructor records the student and analyzes the recording to determine their specific pronunciation challenges. Many students in our Accent Reduction program also require training in conversational English. This technique has proven effective and enables the student to better understand the complex English language. There is no added cost for this benefit.

WRITTEN TRANSLATION: Be Bilingual offers Written Translation services in both English and Spanish.

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