Hi Elizabeth,

The ladies presentations were wonderful! I can tell they have learned a lot and working very hard. The ladies, have said Rebecca is a fantastic instructor.

Thank you,

S. P.

May 2, 2019

Spanish group class March, 2019

“I can probably speak for the rest of the group in saying we enjoyed the course and very much liked Giannella’s teaching style. Please pass on our thanks and compliments to her. We all got on well which made learning more fun. I am certainly interested in carrying on with the next level.


I had ten sessions with Ms Patty Harlan to improve my spoken English. The purpose of my lessons was challenging as I do speak the language well. However, Patty’s approach was very helpful and practical. She knew what I was looking for and helped me to avoid the mistakes I used to make while speaking too fast! I enjoyed my lessons with her very much. She is a great teacher, very knowledgeable and kind. I’m happy that Be Bilingual assigned her to give me the lessons. My schedule with her was good and worked very well with my daily responsibilities. I am happy and content with my experience with Be Bilingual and Patty.
Best of luck.

My experience with Rebecca was amazing, she always took the time to make sure all my questions were resolved and that I had enough resources and exercises to practice. With Rebecca’s help, I improved my pronunciation, grammar and communication skills and she also gave me great tips and recommendations for my business meetups and those worked so well that now I enjoy these events instead of suffering through them and I feel much more confident not only with my English skills but with myself overall.

Rebecca was the most adaptable teacher I’ve had, and she was always willing to work her schedule to make sure I didn’t miss my lessons. This was a great experience for me. Thank you Liz and Rebecca!! CS

I would just like to say how much I have enjoyed taking Spanish lessons from your company. It is something I look forward to every week. In particular, I would like to say how much I have enjoyed working with Claudia. She is an excellent teacher who is very professional, very pleasant, and very patient. She really makes taking Spanish fun and rewarding. You are fortunate to have such a good employee who really prides herself in doing a professional job and who represents your company so well. Thank you for your services. I look forward to continuing to work with your company and Claudia next year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Regards, Robert L. (Bob) Wilkins

Wow! I am so impressed. Be Bilingual came into my organization and gave my employees so much confidence in their new language skills. The instructor, Pat Walz, really took the time to understand the skill level of the class and then took them at a pace that was comfortable for them. The employees loved her enthusiasm and have asked to bring her back again, a third time. This class was definitely worth the investment.


FYI – I am very happy with the class and love Manuela – she is doing an awesome job. My wife is interested in starting Italian classes once the kids are back in school. Will keep you updated on timing when she is ready. Thanks again!

“Having recently relocated in the Houston area coming from France and even if speaking a “not too bad” business English I was looking for a way to improve my English skills and go to the next level.I fully recommend Be Bilingual and Margaret in particular if you’re looking to improve your English, without too much effort. Instead of simply focusing on grammar, I’m learning new vocabulary words, common idioms and I’m working on correct pronunciation. Margaret and I are meeting twice a week (3hrs in total) at my office. My only homework is to read a short article selected from the New York Times that we will discuss in the following session. I can see that Margaret is customizing the lessons to my expectations, my challenges and my learning style. After a few hours, I can already hear the difference and my coworkers are struggling a lot less understanding me.”

“December 12, 2016

Hi Elizabeth:
Just wanted to thank you for the assistance in setting up the 8 accent reduction sessions the past few days in Houston.
The classes were excellent, and the teacher Pat Walz was caring, kind, and all around a great teacher.
So I couldn’t be happier with the results.
Thank you again, and all the best wishes for the season, and the new year.


“From the first moment I began communicating with Be Bilingual I knew they would be a great school for me.  I completed a Spanish 2.5 week 5hr-day immersion style class with them.  The teachers were native speakers.  Everyone was very organized and classes were flexible to meet my needs and my teachers needs.

Each level of Spanish is accompanied by a book that is extremely useful.  I’ve been out of the class now a few months and I still enjoy looking through the books.  I bought the next level book on my last day of class and I’m slowly working through it on my own.  I know when I return to the school I can start at a higher level now.

If you decide to join an immersion program be prepared!  I shouldn’t say this but I highly recommend studying on your own before taking your private classes.  Any tiny little bit of Spanish you have before joining the class will be useful.  Also, don’t worry, relax!  No matter what it takes, they will help you learn.  I came into class with a closed mind and low expectations.  I failed Spanish1 in college twice.

During my initial meeting with Be Bilingual they told me the heart of the problem.  I didn’t have the right mindset to learn.  I returned a month later with a clear mind and an open heart for the language.  And let me tell you, they crammed it in there.  They would teach me exactly as fast as I could learn.  We started flying though the material.  It was amazing.

Oh, and be ready for homework!  Wow, 5 hours a day of class time, would mean that I would have at least 3 hours of homework a night, sometimes more.  I hope you’re ready to learn Spanish.  These people can really make it happen.


P.S.  Gracias por todo.  Fue mi primera vez, en serio, pude aprender español.  Ahora, yo vivo en México gracias a ustedes.

Be Bilingual Reviewed by Laura – .I have just completed my first 10 classes with Itzel at Be Bilingual. I wanted to write and thank you for recommending Itzel to me. Although I’ve taken many classes before, Itzel has paid special attention to how I use Spanish in my daily life. She is