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Ready to learn Spanish? You’ve come to the right place!

When you’re a beginner, learning a new language means starting from scratch! Our program helps you understand and speak Spanish the way children learn do—through listening and plenty of conversation.

Students in our Spanish classes work with materials developed by Liz Thrush, who founded Be Bilingual in 1989. A digital download of the workbook and audio files are included in the cost of the course. This resource allows you to practice the new words, verb tenses and grammar rules you’ve learned in class and helps you retain your new language skills long after your course has ended.

Our proven method incorporates reading, writing, and speaking with your instructor and your classmates. Lessons offer lots of opportunities for developing conversation skills with an emphasis on correct grammar and pronunciation. You’ll meet in on a regular basis. Classes are taught by one of our native-speaking Spanish instructors, each of whom is a degreed professional with extensive experience teaching language skills to adult students.

You’ll be amazed at the skills you can develop in just eight weeks!
You’ll be amazed at the skills you can develop in just six weeks!
The Be Bilingual resources will introduce you to 360 new vocabulary words, many idiomatic
expressions, numbers 1-100, the months and dates, plus the most common verbs and conjugations.
After completing the first chapter, you’ll be able to:

  • greet people and introduce yourself;
  • understand short phrases based on what you’ve learned
  • tell time;
  • make appointments;
  • be able to order a meal, book a hotel room, and make flight or rental car reservations.

Spanish classes in Houston are held online.
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