Conversational Spanish – Beginner Group Class

Our group instruction focuses on speaking Spanish from the very beginning. Having a small group (from 5 to 7 students)  guided by a professional, native speaker instructor guaranties your active participation in a relaxed atmosphere with interactive lessons, continuous dialogue and the personal attention needed to improve and build up fluency skills.

To achieve this, we apply our own Be Bilingual Method©, which includes:  sequential grammar content practiced through conversation, authentic materials and a workbook  (included) with written exercises and audio files  to continue practicing at home . This method suits every learner style ( auditory , visual, logical, verbal, etc) and allows individual practice at your own pace.

Starting the first day of instruction, you will be able to learn how to ask and answer simple questions,  as well as how to give personal information. In each lesson you will acquire new vocabulary, grammar content and conversation skills, allowing you to effectively communicate in Spanish.

After taking our Beginner’s class, you will be able to:

  • Introduce yourself and your family
  • Greet people formally and informally
  • Provide and exchange personal information
  • Ask and answer simple questions (personal conversations, meetings and public places)
  • Speak on the phone, request services, appointments, and meetings
  • Talk about your preferences and needs
  • Talk about yourself, your work, your family and your life in the present tense
  • Learn more than 600 vocabulary words (related to the workplace and everyday life situations) through conversation with your peers and your instructor

At the end of the Beginner course, you will be able to hold a conversation about current events in your life and will be ready to improve your language proficiency  in the low intermediate, intermediate and advanced courses.

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