Be Bilingual develops proficiency through remote private language instruction (online language instruction) for a uniquely customized language learning experience through private (one-on-one and small group) instruction.

Be Bilingual is located in Houston, Texas, but our location does not limit our ability to train you. Be Bilingual offers one-on-one remote training options to students of our levels. If you have previous knowledge of the language, an instructor performs an oral evaluation to students evaluated at an advanced-beginner level. An instructor performs an evaluation and determines your level of fluency prior to your first class.

When possible, we suggest students use a speaker phone or Skype and a closed environment to achieve the best result.

Our remote lessons can be taken by using a phone, a tablet or a computer. When possible, we suggest
students use headphones and a closed environment to achieve the best result. We customize each remote course plan to your individual learning capacity, helping you achieve a working technical vocabulary for business, or simply enabling you to carry on a conversation in the local language when traveling. This type of remote / online instruction is ideal for individual lessons because it enables you, the student, to set your own pace.

The benefits of Be Bilingual's remote instruction private courses include:

Instruction tailored to your specific needs/interests
Enables you to speak throughout at least 50% of the lesson
Instruction proceeds at your rate of learning
Flexible scheduling
Real time instruction. Meet with your instructor by phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

Be Bilingual has successfully taught language skills to students since 1989. Our instructors are incredibly skilled college graduates and native speakers. Be Bilingual specializes in private language instruction and each session runs at least 90-minutes in length(in person) or 60 minutes (online). Students may schedule as often as they wish, though we recommend at least two 90-minute session per week to maximize retention. Our hours are 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM (ending at 7:30 PM), Monday through Friday. Saturday lessons are available from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM.