Houston Accent Reduction Classes

Be Bilingual specializes in private language instruction in Houston for students serious about learning English. Many of our graduates achieve a level of English so refined that it is indistinguishable from a native speaker’s.

One-on-One Instruction

Because we specialize in private instruction, each class is customized to meet your individual needs and learning pace.  We begin with an evaluation of your accent, and then identify your main objectives for the course.  For example, some of our students need help communicating in business presentations and fast paced meetings, while others simply want to break old pronunciation habits  and avoid needing to repeat themselves in order to be understood.

After establishing your goals, we’ll tailor a lesson plan – including articulation, word liaisons, and intonation – to target your desired level of English proficiency.  Depending on your specific needs, the instructor can tailor the classes to include:

Eliminate Your Accent

Your course lesson plans are tailored according to how quickly you progress through the material.  During the first session, the instructor will record you reading a passage that highlights specific accent issues. At the end of each set of ten sessions, the same passage will be read and re-recorded to emphasize improvement and pinpoint areas that still need additional instruction.

As you progress, your instructor will incorporate accent reduction methods to help you imitate the
rhythm of American speech and ultimately sound more natural to the American listener.

For more information about our accent reduction courses in Houston, TX., please call 713-789-6338 or contact us today for more information.

Can my accent really be changed?

Yes, absolutely!  The question is not if you can change it, but how much.  You will need to apply what you learn in class to everyday conversation.  You must be motivated (practice!), flexible and willing to change.

How long does it take?

You will start to see a real change after about three months, definitely by six months.  This, of course varies on how much you put into the course.

Does it matter what my original language is?

Yes, it does.  However, each language foreign to English brings with it different challenges.  During our sessions we will review and stress the sounds of the English language that are particularly difficult for you to pronounce.

Can I keep part of my original language?

You will never lose your true ethnicity.

I've been studying English for a long time, what should I do now?

When you watch TV or listen to the radio, focus on the delivery rather than the content. Practice writing down the real sounds that you hear, as opposed to the proper spelling of the words. Use the phonetic alphabet as much as possible.

People won't correct me when I am speaking. What can I do?

Not much, I’m afraid. It’s very difficult for a native speaker to correct a foreign speaker. We suggest recording yourself, using voice recognition software and practicing some of the contrasting exercises we will provide for you during your lessons.

Won't people laugh at me if I put on an American accent?

Americans won’t notice that you are putting an accent on. They’ll just think you’re “talking right”.

What does standard American English mean? Aren't there a lot of dialects in America?

Yes, there are, but there is also a generic “American sound” that transcends regions. It is that common sound that is standard in America (think California rather than New York or Texas)

Which is more important, grammar or accent?

Both are equally important.  That is why we will include grammar in your lessons as is necessary for you to master the American English language.

Is this slang?

No, of course not. Standard American English pronunciation is different from spelling, but it is not slang.

How can I study on my own?

We provide an array of materials for you to use during your study of accent reduction.  We recommend that you practice every day, the more time you dedicate the better.  Try to emulate the sounds as perfectly as you can.