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Spanish Lessons

We have created a conversational method  that allows you to engage in dialogue from the first class. Our teachers are native speakers who customize each language lesson according to interests and/or professional area : medical, IT, engineering, etc

Choose from individual lessons, small group, online or preferred location. Decide your schedule and length of study commitment, whether one hour or the Immersion program of 6 hours, 5 days a week.

English lessons

Our teachers customize one-on-one, small group and corporate English instruction according to the expressed goals of clients. Years of experience teaching international clients guide instruction.

Choose individual online instruction or agreed-upon location. Decide your schedule and length of study commitment, whether one hour or the Immersion program of 6 hours, 5 days a week.

Accent Reduction lessons

Our Accent Reduction program features identification and correction of pronunciation issues that interfere with speech patterns. Specific challenges are isolated and correction techniques are taught to instill independence when speaking. Focus is given to the natural rhythm of spoken English with emphasis on individualized vocabulary building.

Italian or Portuguese lessons

Our native-speaking teachers create conversational lessons customized to meet individual goals at an appropriate pace of learning.
Choose your individual lessons to be online or at your place of preference. Decide your schedule and how many hours you want to study.

Employee language lessons

We have decades of experience providing corporate training to employees from the Oil and Gas Industry, Information Technology, numerous medical fields.
We provide the most experienced teachers who teach and motivate students to achieve the expressed goals of your company.

Needs experience business consultant?


Be Bilingual, Inc. is your most experienced and trusted language instruction provider in Houston.

Along these many years we have successfully served more than 17K students, including employees from Corporations from the Oil and Gas industry, Human Resources, Medical field , IT, customizing our lessons to their needs and making them available online, at residences or office locations.

Be Bilingual, Inc. became the preferred language school provider for 5 major oil companies in Houston during the 1990s.
Due to the high demand for individualized language instruction and our extremely high standards for instructors, Be Bilingual continues successfully to teach language skills to students of all levels and walks of life.

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All of our instructors are native speakers. They are all college graduates and have years of experience teaching and guiding students to achieve their goals effectively in the classroom and online. In addition, our instructors pass rigorous training before qualifying to teach at Be Bilingual


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We are here to help you through the wonderful journey of learning a second (or third?) language. Come explore with us the interesting world of new languages and the cultural awareness they bring to enrich your life.