While there are a variety of aids such as books, CDs, DVDs, software and online language courses to help you with your chosen language training, nothing compares to the advantages of individualized private language instruction with an experienced instructor.

Be Bilingual’s customized language training is the most effective way to approach language learning for many reasons:

  • The content is not general as you find in most of the training aids but instead is specific to your individual language program needs.
  • The instructor is entirely focused on you, your individual learning style and pace and will help you reach your language training goals while keeping you constantly motivated.
  • Course hours are flexible and lessons can take place at your own schedule and at either our office or your workplace, home, etc.
  • The method contains content that is based on your individual goals, learning style and needs for your specified language communication competency. Your industry specific business vocabulary can also be included.

Personalized learning
Our method emphasizes individual instruction. With small corporate groups (no bigger than 10 people) and one-on-one classes, you can be sure you will receive the personal attention you need to help you reach your goals. Hearing your new language and speaking it is emphasized in every class. It is all in the approach!

Superb teaching
Our instructors are all native speakers — the pronunciation and usage you learn is just what you’d hear in the home country of your new language. In addition, our instructors receive special training in motivating, guiding, and inspiring their students to achieve their language goals.

Expect results
We teach practical language as it is used in real-life situations. And expect the unexpected! As you learn your new language with Be Bilingual, you will discover new people to talk to, new places in the world to explore, new appreciation for art and culture that you can now experience more fully. With a new language, it’s possible to find a world of new opportunities, both personally and in business.

Practice makes perfect
Be Bilingual offers an extensive product line of support materials such as workbooks and CDs to accompany our Spanish language methodology.