Learn German with Be Bilingual!

German Classes in Houston Are Currently Available!

Be Bilingual offers conversational German classes in Houston in the form of private lessons, as well as corporate group classes. Be Bilingual also offers an Accent Reduction course for individuals interested in improving their German pronunciation.

Be Bilingual’s German language class in Houston cater to individuals, as well as those in the corporate setting. Each session runs at least 90-minutes in length. Students may schedule as often as they wish, though we recommend at least two 90-minute sessions per week to maximize retention.

Please call 713-789-6338 or contact us to learn more or to schedule lessons.

Studying a foreign language will prepare you to become a competitive job candidate in the current job market. German, in particular, can provide the edge to your career advancement.

German also is a key business language in the European Union and in the rapidly growing markets of Central and Eastern Europe. The world has gotten smaller, and fluency in a second language is a must for individuals looking for a career in international business. Germany has the largest economy in the European Union (EU), is one of the major players on the global business stage today, and the fifth largest trading partner of the United States. Germany’s gross domestic product is the world’s third largest.

More than 750 major U.S companies are doing business in Germany and over 1100 German companies do business in the U.S., and their presence continues to grow, including many dynamic companies here in the Houston area. Germany is home to numerous international corporations, and direct investment in the United States by Germany is over ten billion dollars. German technology is sought after more than ever and many of those major German technology companies have set up shop right here in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area.

So, why should you learn the German language?

Did you know that 68% of all Japanese students study German?

It is a pressing question for anyone interested in working in Germany or for a German company here in the United States. For those in business or service fields, learning German is a real asset and a ticket for professional advancement. Even if it is not required, will knowing German help you to get around and get ahead? Young, progressive Germany’s answer is a resounding “Yes”. While English may be the “language of commerce,” having German skills, understanding social and business cultural differences is more than ever a crucial factor in successful business dealings there and here.

Ask about German “Gemutlichkeit”; learn about a German’s need for “Ordnung” and “Punktlichkeit”; find out about the German public and private ways; understand how a German celebrates his holidays and how he conducts business. The ability to speak German improves business relationships. Communicate with partners in the third largest industrial nation and one of the most important exporting countries in the world, as well as with the many German corporations located throughout the world. Knowledge of German is a big advantage in business, as negotiations in a third language can easily lead to misunderstandings with costly and time consuming consequences.